1. Why the brahmacaris don’t want to get married

    Radha-vallabha: We find that in our society practically none of the brahmacaris want to get married because they see that the women are not so chaste.

    Prabhupada: That is the psychology. That is the psychology. They know that "The girl whom I am going to marry, she will never be faithful." That is the impression. "So why shall I marry and take charge?" This is the psychology. I know in the beginning, 1965, one carpenter boy he was coming to me; he gave me some benches, secondhand. So I asked him, "Why don't you get yourself married?" because I did not know. So he replied, "Swamiji, I know that I'll not get a faithful, chaste wife," he said. Then I could understand the psychology why the boys do not get married. No husband wants an unchaste, unfaithful wife. That is a shock to him. And here you have to allow the wife to go out with her friends. You cannot object.

    Pusta Krsna: Wife to go with?

    Prabhupada: With her friends.

    Radha-vallabha: To go out with her friends; just do whatever she likes.

    (May 15, 1976, Honolulu)