1. Two frogs see proof of God

    Prabhupada’s eyes were closed as he leaned back in a relaxed position, and he started speaking about Mayavada philosophy. He explained how philosophers were saying, “I am God, you are God, we are all God.” Then Prabhupada would say, “This is going on.” Every time he would state something that was false or erroneous, he would then say, “This is going on.” Eventually he got to the story about two frogs who had heard that there was a God, and they wanted to see proof of God.

    There was a stick nearby and they started jumping up and down on the stick, and they said, “This is not God, it doesn’t even respond.”

    Then they jumped up on a stone, and the stone also didn’t respond, so they said, “How can this be God?” Then a crane appeared.

    At this point in the story Prabhupada started acting out the part of the crane, using his arm as the long legs of the bird and his hand represented the bird’s long neck and head.

    Prabhupada’s eyes got really big and with a hilarious expression on his face, he made a gesture with his hand, looking around at both frogs he said, “Then the crane ate one frog and then he ate the other frog.” I was sitting there cross-legged along with Aravinda and Shyamasundar, all of us listening very intently at what appeared to be a very serious philosophical

    Then when Prabhupada made the gesture with his hand eating the frogs, it was so funny that I rolled over backwards with my legs up in the air laughing uncontrollably.

    Prabhupada was also laughing but he was laughing at me along with my two god-brothers.

    Told by Locananda Das (edited). Recorded in Memories of a Modern Day Saint Vol. 5 by Siddhanta das.