1. This is not advancement of civilization

    Prabhupada:At night they sleep or enjoy sex, nidraya hriyate naktam vyavayena, and in daytime they hanker after money, runs the motorcar head-break speed, neck-break speed.

    Hayagriva: Breakneck.

    Prabhupada: Breakneck. And then what is the business? Searching out some means of food, exactly like the hog, he is loitering here and there, Where is stool? Where is stool? Where is stool? And this is going on in the polished way as civilization. There is so much risk, as running these cars so many people are dying. There is record, it is very dangerous. At least I feel as soon as I go to the street, it is dangerous. The motorcar are running so speedy, and what is the business? The business is where to find out food. So therefore it is condemned that this kind of civilization is hoggish civilization. This hog is running after, Where is stool? Where is stool? Where is stool? And you are running in a car. The same. Purpose is the same: Where is stool? Purpose is the same. Therefore this is not advancement of civilization.

    (From a conversation about Socrates)