1. The highest benediction to the human society

    this movement, we are giving the highest benediction to the human society. They are becoming Vaisnava. There is great necessity of Vaisnava at the present moment because everyone has become sudras. Kalau sudra sambhava. And because it is, everywhere the sudras are there, how there can be peace? They do not know. They have no brain how to make the society peaceful and prosperous. They are sudras. They have no intelligence. There is necessity of creating brahmanas and Vaisnava. This movement is meant for that purpose. So be careful. Don’t be turned again to sudra and mlecchas. Go on making progress to become pure Vaisnava. Then your life is successful and you’ll give the best service to the human society.

    (Srila Prabhupada; Initiation Lecture Excerpt — London, September 7, 1971)