1. The business of the preacher

    Prabhupada: That is the duty of the preacher, four things: isvare tad-adhinesu balisesu dvisatsu ca [SB 11.2.46]. The preacher should see four things. First of all isvara, the Supreme Person, God. So that vision must be there. He knows what is isvara, or the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Then tad-adhinesu, those who have taken shelter of that isvara. That means devotees. Tad-adhinesu. And then balisesu. Balisesu means those who are innocent, have no sufficient knowledge. Innocent. And dvisatsu. And there is always a class of men who are envious of God, dvisat. Dvisat means envious. So a preacher has to see these four classes of men, or three classes. One, isvara, and the other three classes. So he has to behave like that. To behave with isvara-prema, how to love, that is his business-how to increase love for the Supreme. Prema. Maitri, how to make friendship with the devotees. And to the innocent-krpa, how to become merciful. And to the envious-upeksa, negligence, not to talk with them. Four behaviors. Isvare tad-a… This is madhyama adhikari. And the position of the preacher is madhyama adhikari. Therefore they have to point out, “Here is a jealous man, envious man.” But people do not want it. They say, “Why you are pointing out? Why you are pointing out?” But this is business of the preacher. Otherwise how he will preach?

    Giriraja: They want to be artificially the uttama adhikari, to see everyone as nice.

    Prabhupada: Yes. Yes, everyone as nice, except himself. [break] Uttama adhikari vision, that everyone is nice, then the preacher is also nice. Why you find out fault with the preacher? So imitation uttama adhikari will not help.

    Morning Walk — April 7, 1974, Bombay