1. Know the books, like a lawyer

    Prabhupada: You should read these books so nicely. Just like big lawyer — they go to the court and they cite: "Under such and such section or under such and such clause." Yes. So he is a big lawyer. Similarly, we have got so many books. If we can give reference immediately from the books, that means you are reading. Big lawyer means who can give immediate reference from the law book, not that simply he's got this stamp B.L., Bachelor Honors. That is not lawyer. There are so many lawyers. Why one becomes big lawyer? He can give quotations from the law book immediately. That is the difference. So you have to talk in the court from the law books. If we don't remember all the laws in different section, then simply your B.L. stamp will not help you. [Hindi saying] "I am very rich man; where is your money?" So, "It is in Bali-mardana's hand." So that is not actual position, "I am very learned, but I can speak when I see the book," these are very common. [Hindi saying] One is very learned, but he is learned as long as he sees the book; not without book. So he should be quite conversant with the teachings as they are mentioned in the book, and find out. Therefore the indexes are there.

    (June 18, 1975, Honolulu)