1. Denying to surrender to God is insanity

    So who is a sane man who will deny, “No, I don’t surrender to God”? Who is a sane man? He must be insane. Anyone who says that “I don’t like God. I don’t like to surrender unto Him,” then he must be insane. He has already surrendered. He is going on under the condition of surrender, but it is not done very… Just like a prisoner: he is already surrendered to the government; still, he says, “I don’t care for government.”

    This is the position. He’s a madman. The state arrests him, kicks him, and puts him in the jail. Still, he says, “I don’t care for government.” So what can be done? “We don’t care for the government.” Just like Gandhi started civil disobedience movement, disobedience to the government laws, but all the whole stock was put into jail and they were beaten with shoes. But still, they said, “No, we are…” This is an example. Similarly, everyone is obeying, surrendering to God. But because they are rascal and fools, they are denying that we have surrendered. This is their position: madness. Nobody can stay without surrendering to God. It is not possible.

    Srila Prabhupada — December 12, 1973, Los Angeles