1. Relieving Krsna’s pain

    If there is little pain in the finger, I become so much disturbed because I have got intimate connection with this finger. Similarly, we have got intimate connection with Krsna, and we are fallen. Therefore Krsna also feels little pain, and therefore He comes down. Krsna is feeling pain. So you become Krsna conscious. Then […]
  2. No chance for liberation before Srila Prabhupada came

    Hrdayananda: [translating] Is it possible to achieve liberation with other religious… Prabhupada: There is no other religion except Krsna consciousness. All cheating religion. That is the… We discussed. Dharmah projjhita-kaitavah: “All cheating type of religion is rejected, kicked out.” Hrdayananda: [translating] …in other words, until you have arrived here, there was no possibility of liberation […]
  3. Manufacturing truth

    I cannot fashion truth. Truth is true. Fire is hot. That is true. If I imagine that fire is cold, is that philosophy? Who does not know what is truth, they imagine or manufacture truth. Just like Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, yata mata tata patha, “You can manufacture your truth.” That is going on. The hippies, they […]
  4. False happiness

    This is a false happiness, that “If I get money, I’ll be happy.” That is false. So many men, they have got money. We see practically. The whole European civilization, American civilization, is based on this fundamental idea that “Let us have money and we shall be happy.” And nobody is happy. Nobody is happy, […]
  5. Don’t give up your occupational duty

    The right understanding of Bhagavad-gita is Arjuna’s understanding. In other words, Arjuna came to the conclusion that he must perform his occupational duty, not as a material obligation, for reasons of wife, family, friends, reputation, professional integrity, like that — no. Rather he must conduct the functions of his station of life only as a […]
  6. Our misfortune

    We are suffering every moment, and still, we are thinking we are very happy. Therefore it is our misfortune, that human life is meant for understanding, “What is the position of my life? Why I am suffering?” So for that understanding Krsna has given us so many Vedic literature: four Vedas and the Puranas and […]
  7. Attachment to sadhus

    The attachment we have got for material enjoyment, similar attachment should be for the sadhu, that’s all. Suppose I want to drink. As I become mad without getting any drinking, similarly, when you become mad without sadhu-sanga, then you are liberated. You have to simply divert the attachment. Not to speak of drinking, even those […]