1. An Old Photograph

    Prabhaviṣṇu Swami  Subhāga Swami  Ilāpati Dāsa (Bhakti Vikāsa Swami)  Niṣkiñcanānanda  (Looks like) Śrī Hari  Nistula  Nitāi Mantra Rasika Sevānidhi Others I do not recognize. Nistula Prabhu spent many years developing Puṇḍarīka Dhāma, where he now lies in samādhi. Śrī Hari and Sevānidhi have also passed away. Niṣkiñcanānanda  still lives at Puṇḍarīka Dhāma. Many thanks to my […]
  2. Publicly Airing ISKCON Internal Issues

    Any intelligent newcomer to ISKCON will surely want to check what he is getting into. On the internet can be found innumerable articles treating internal matters within ISKCON, mostly presented in a manner that would turn off any newcomer, or at least awaken in him a strong sense of doubt. Almost all these articles are […]
  3. Shining Devotees

    [Kardama Muni] looked healthy because he had directly received the nectarean sound vibrations from the lotus lips of the Personality of Godhead. Similarly, one who hears the transcendental sound vibration Hare Krsna also improves in health. We have actually seen that many brahmacaris and grhasthas connected with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness have improved in health, and a luster […]
  4. I am a Senior Devotee

    Sunday feast Bang that drum Have some fun I am a Senior Devotee Then the food Pure veg of course Chat with friends In shorts and sneakers Sports, jokes, light talk Don’t drink beer here – Cola is OK I am a Senior Devotee Now don’t you young guys Be judgmental Don’t try to tell me anything I was chanting When you were in diapers I’ve done