1. Adjust things by the indication of Lord that comes through guru

    Don’t you see the indication by Krishna that we must make propaganda in the German language in that part of the world? So, you have to adjust things by the indication of Lord Krishna. Don’t do anything whimsically. The direction comes through the spiritual master, and anyone who abides by the order of the spiritual master to give shape to the wish of the Lord, he is a perfectly surrendered soul. I am so much encouraged to learn that one very nice German boy has come to live in your temple. This is clear evidence that you are all working sincerely to serve Krishna, and now one sincere soul has been so attracted by this, that he is also coming to join you. Actually, if one true Vaisnava goes to any place in the world, then the spiritual instincts of the more advanced souls he comes into contact with will be awakened, and they will automatically be attracted.

    From Srila Prabhupada’s letter to Krsna dasa — San Francisco 3 April, 1969