1. The world can only be saved by sankirtana

    It is enjoined in the sastras that intelligent men in this age will take to the sankirtana movement, and by so doing they shall worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Caitanya, whose bodily complexion is golden and who is always accompanied by His confidential devotees to preach this Krsna consciousness movement all over the […]
  2. Taking bad shelter

    This world of maya is called durasraya, which means “false or bad shelter.” One who puts his faith in durasraya becomes a candidate for hoping against hope. In the material world everyone is trying to become happy, and although their material attempts are baffled in every way, due to their nescience they cannot understand their […]
  3. Atom bomb

    We are engaged in these material activities, but we forget at the same time that there is ready, atom bomb. As soon as there will be declared war, these things will be finished, immediately. These people are not declaring war. America is not declaring war against Asia, Russia or China. They are thinking because they […]
  4. Old age makes devotees happy

    Jara, the effect of old age, does not harass a devotee. This is because a devotee follows the instructions and the determination of Narada Muni. All devotees are in the disciplic succession stemming from Narada Muni because they worship the Deity according to Narada Muni’s direction, namely the Narada-pancaratra, or the pancaratrika-vidhi. A devotee follows […]
  5. Kings & citizens

    It is the duty of the king or the government to insure that the people observe the social order and that they are also employed in their respective occupational duties. In modern times, since the protection of the government or the king has been withdrawn, social order has practically collapsed. No one knows who is […]
  6. Why Hanuman is worshiped

    Gandhi used to say that he believes in Gita and Gita gives him solace in difficult times and so on, so on. But has he ever preached about Krsna? Tilok has ever preached about Krsna? Radhakrishnan has ever preached Krsna? Nobody. Their policy is take Sita and kill Rama. Ravana’s policy. Take away Sita. Take […]
  7. Hanuman’s perfection by serving Rama

    The nine devotional process and how, by each process, one becomes perfect. Just like Pariksit Maharaja, simply hearing, and Sukadeva Gosvami, simply chanting, reciting Bhagavatam. So both of them got salvation. Laksmi, she is simply pada-sevanam, giving massage to the lotus feet of the Lord. Arjuna simply made friendship with Krsna. Hanuman simply worked as […]
  8. Chanting — a very nice process

    Chanting will force the mind upon Him. Krsna sound will by force. Chanting is so nice. And this is the practical yoga in this age. You cannot meditate. Your mind is so disturbed, you cannot concentrate your mind. Therefore chant, and by the sound vibration, it will forcibly enter it into your mind. Even if […]