1. Always busy in Krsna consciousness

    Every disciple should always remain busy in some work for Krishna. We shall not allow to remain vacant our mind, and if the mind is always filled up with Krishna Consciousness activities, there is no chance of Maya to sit on the mind and force us to act under her spell. From Srila Prabhupada’s letter […]
  2. The best use of this bad bargain

    Devotional service must continue under all circumstances. This material body is actually a bad bargain because it is prone to suffer, but we must make the best use of this bad bargain. That means to always be engaged in the service of Krishna without fail. From Srila Prabhupada’s letter to Viruha — Vrindaban 19 April, […]
  3. Real enjoyment

    We, the living entities, are meant for enjoyment, but we are seeking enjoyment in a false place — in an illusion. We are like the desert animals who run after water in a mirage and eventually die of thirst. They cannot relieve their thirst with such illusory water. Similarly, we are trying to manufacture many […]
  4. Personal ambition

    These two things are always side by side — Maya and Krsna — Krsna is service and Maya is sense gratification. Our duty is therefore to be very very careful. The poison is personal ambition.  Srila Prabhupada — Letter to Satyabhama, November 1, 1970
  5. Beginning the drinking business

    Madhudvisa: He wants to know how in the beginning, when we are starting to engage in Krsna consciousness, or devotional service to God, can you develop enthusiasm and sincerity. Prabhupada: Yes. The thing is that if you want to become a drunkard, you mix with the people who drinks. Then you drink little, little, little. […]
  6. Godhead

    It is very now popular to become God. We are God. That’s all right. But the Godhead, He is Godhead. Therefore we use the word “Godhead,” “back to Godhead,” not “back to God.” That God is everyone. That’s a fact. Just like there are clerks and head clerk in the office. There are many clerks, […]