1. Spiritual & material dancing

    Krsna is dancing, and every living entity is also dancing, but there is a difference between the dancing in the spiritual world and that in the material world. This is expressed by the author of the Caitanya-caritamrta, who says that the master dancer is Krsna and everyone else is His servant. Everyone is trying to […]
  2. The gopis’ love of Krsna

    As far as the gopis of Vrndavana were concerned, from the very beginning of their lives they did not know anything beyond Krsna. Krsna and Balarama were their life and soul. The gopis were so attached to Krsna that they could not tolerate not seeing Him even momentarily when their eyelids blinked and impeded their […]
  3. Careful of dhamaparadha

    Namnad balad yasya hi papa-buddhih. “I am living in Vrndavana. Oh, it is dhama, so let me do all nonsense. It will be counteracted.” They’ll be these cats and dogs and monkeys in Vrndavana. Dhamaparadha. Dhamaparadha. Of course, Vrndavana’s influence will be there, but at least one life he has to become the hog and […]
  4. We can go to the spiritual world

    So if we take it very seriously, then we become gradually advanced and eligible or fit candidate to go into the spiritual world — divyad-vrndaranya-kalpa-drumadhah. We can go there. That is wanted. Be serious. Don’t be misled by the allurement of maya. Remain strong. And then, in this life, you’ll be able to become fit […]
  5. Desirable madness in Vrndavana life

    That madness wanted. Yugayitam nimesena: one moment appears to be one yuga. One yuga means twelve years. So yugayitam nimesena caksusa pravrsayitam. Crying. There is tears in the eyes like the torrents of rain. Yugayitam nimesena caksusa… Sunyayitam jagat sarvam: “I feel the whole world is vacant.” Why? Govinda-virahena me. This madness is wanted, without […]
  6. Surabhi cows

    Surabhi cows are generally found on the Vaikuntha planets. As described in Brahma-samhita, Lord Krsna, on His planet, Goloka Vrndavana, engages in tending the surabhi cows (surabhir abhipalayantam [Bs. 5.29]). These cows are the Lord’s pet animals. From the surabhi cows one can take as much milk as one needs, and one may milk these […]