1. Bringing the human race back to sanity

    At the present moment, the word “religion” is being sacrificed on the altar of materialistic tendencies. The human race is more concerned now with subject matters related to eating, sleeping, defending, and gratifying the senses, much as are the lower animals. The general tendency is to avoid transcendental subject matters as far as possible or, […]
  2. Knowledge

    The “knowledge” of the common man is always in the mode of darkness or ignorance because every living entity in conditional life is born into the mode of ignorance. One who does not develop knowledge through the authorities or scriptural injunctions has knowledge that is limited to the body. He is not concerned about acting […]
  3. Real deliverance from suffering

    CC Adi 17.49, purport: The deliverance of the fallen does not consist of curing their bodily diseases, although it is also a fact that when a man is delivered from the material clutches his material bodily diseases are automatically cured. Gopala Capala simply wanted to be delivered from the bodily sufferings of leprosy, but Sri […]
  4. From whom to accept advice?

    Unless one can find a person transcendental to the four basic defects, one should not accept advice and become a victim of the material condition. The best process is to take the advice and instructions of Sri Krsna or His bona fide representative. From Srila Prabhupada’s purport to SB  5.14.26 P
  5. Boil the milk now

    “… you must encourage the students to read our books throughout the day as much as possible, and give them all good advice how to understand the books, and inspire them to study the things from every point of view. In this way, by constantly engaging our tongues in the service of the Lord, either […]
  6. Following the footsteps of the acaryas

    Tandera carana-sevi-bhakta-sane vasa. Let us follow the footprints of the acaryas, Gosvamis, and live together as sincere, serious devotees. Then our life is successful. It is not very difficult. Bhakta-sane vasa. Tandera carane. We should live together as devotee and follow the footprints of the acaryas. Don’t manufacture concoction. Then it will be spoiled. Simply […]
  7. A simple method to realize God

    Without much bother, if one simply keeps a picture of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu at home and chants Hare Krsna, then one will realize God. Anyone can adopt this simple method. There is no expenditure, there is no tax, nor is there any need to build a very big church or temple. Anyone, anywhere, can sit […]
  8. This is bhakti

    Our natural position is to provide enjoyment for Krsna. In the spiritual world, for example, Krsna enjoys, and the gopis, the transcendental cowherd girls, supply the ingredients for Krsna’s enjoyment. This is bhakti. From Teachings of Queen Kunti, Ch 6 By Srila Prabhupada
  9. Duplicitous friend or wife

    If the wife is not chaste and friend is cheater, or satham…” Satham means duplicity, not very sincere friend. Outwardly he’s showing he’s very good friend, but inwardly he has got some intention. Such friend, duplicity, and unchaste wife, dusta bharya satham mitram and bhrtyas cottara-dayakah, and servant giving reply, and sa-sarpe ca grhe vasah, […]