1. Krsna-prema-pradaya te

    To understand Krsna is very, very difficult. Out of many, many millions of person, one tries for making his life successful. And out of many, many such successful, yatatam api siddhanam, one who has attained siddhi, such person, may…, one may understand Krsna. So Krsna, to understand… So first of all, we cannot understand Krsna. […]
  2. Lord Caitanya’s ideal example

    As an ideal teacher and acarya, He was very strict in the routine work of a sannyasi. Apart from being a divine incarnation, the Lord was an ideal character as a human being. His behavior with other persons was also above suspicion. In His dealing as acarya, He was harder than the thunderbolt and softer […]
  3. The best Bengali sweet

    Bahulasva: Out here on the campus, Srila Prabhupada, different people come with little carts, and they sell food things. They get a permit. We were thinking to have a little cart and sell Bengali sweets. Prabhupada: Yes. Bengali sweet selling is not our business. We should not waste in that way. Our business is how […]
  4. Fortunately, in our Society there is no newspaper

    Caitanya Mahaprabhu advised His disciples, “Never eat very palatable foodstuff. Never talk these village talks.” Ordinary novel, literature, newspaper, He forbade. Fortunately, in our Society there is no newspaper. You may be surprised that “How is that, in modern age, especially these Europeans and Americans, they do not take any interest in newspaper?” In their […]
  5. Conquering low tendencies

    As far as salvation is concerned, one has to conquer the principles of lust, anger, unlawful desires, avarice and bewilderment. To get freedom from anger, one should learn how to forgive. To be free from unlawful desires one should not make plans. By spiritual culture one is able to conquer sleep. By tolerance only can […]
  6. Blowing up the slaughterhouse

    It is not in our aims anywhere to build bombs for any purpose. The same mentality is involved in trying to blow-up a slaughterhouse as is there in meat-eating. Such things will not stop people from unnecessary animal slaughter. It is only by educating people in the science of Krsna consciousness that they will automatically […]
  7. Boys go to school and become demons

    Prabhupada: What is your name? Devotee: [telling child] Bhakti dasa. Child: Bhakti dasa. Prabhupada: Oh! You do not know your name? You ask your father? [laughter]You do not know your name? You are asking your father, “What is my name?” Child: No, I don’t remember. Prabhupada: Oh, you don’t remember your name? I… Bhagavan: We […]