1. Description of a mad man

    Indumadhana Mullik. He was engineer, medical practitioner and scientist. Of course he was practicing as a medical man. And a great scholar. Great scholar, he, he used to study; he passed in engineering examination, medical examination and ordinary M.A., Ph.D., like that. Later on he became so mad, and naked he was running on the […]
  2. Gandhi on Krsna

    That is the defect of Gandhi’s movement. He is supposed to be reading Bhagavad-gita, but he has never said, recommended, Krsna worship. That is the defect of his education. Rather, he denied the existence of Krsna: “I don’t believe if any person as Krsna ever lived.” (Srila Prabhupada – Morning Walk – September 29, 1975, […]
  3. Marriage advice

    In this Krsna consciousness society we have got this program that if some boy or girl wants to get married, I help. So this marriage ceremony is today arranged on that principle. But the present bride and bridegroom must know it certainly that this marriage is not for sense gratification. This marriage is for purification […]
  4. There is no adjustment

    Better to leave this place as soon as possible. Not to come again. That should be our serious attention. The other day the radio man was asking, “Swamiji, how to adjust?” And “There is no adjustment. You have to go out of the scene. There is no adjustment.” So he was not very happy. If […]
  5. The ship for Kali-yuga

    The Age of Kali is very dangerous for the human being. Human life is simply meant for self-realization, but due to this dangerous age, men have completely forgotten the aim of life. In this age, the life span will gradually decrease. People will gradually lose their memory, finer sentiments, strength, and better qualities. A list […]
  6. Real religion and bogus non-religion

    Real dharma is sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja [BG 18.66]. This is dharma. All bogus type of dharma – Hindu religion, Muslim religion, this religion, that religion – they are not dharma. Therefore it is said here, sa vai pumsam paro dharmah. Parah means Supreme. What is that? Yato bhaktir adhoksaje, “Wherein this is […]