1. Switching off & on a fan

    “Your sinful karma is like a revolving fan,” Swamiji explains. “By chanting Hare Krishna, you turn it off. The fan may still revolve for a while afterbeing turned off, but since it is getting no more juice, it will soon stop.” “When it stops, does it stop for good?” someone asks. “You know where the […]
  2. Vaisnava preachers are harassed

    It is said that in the Kali-yuga if one cannot spend money in court, one cannot get justice. Indeed, in courts of justice it is often found that magistrates are bribed for favorable judgments. Sometimes religious men who preach the Krsna consciousness movement for the benefit of the entire populace are arrested and harassed by […]
  3. United Nations of criminals

    There is another story. A group of thieves stolen some things, and when they were dividing, one of them: ‘Kindly, morally divide. Morally divide. Honestly divide.’ The thing is taken dishonestly, and they are dividing honestly. This is going on, whole world. Everything is taken dishonestly, and when there is question of division, the United […]
  4. Lessons from world history

    If we study the history of the world, we see that it is simply a history of struggle. Mankind attempts to relieve its miserable condition, but it simply brings about another miserable condition. As we try to overcome one problem, another problem arises. Our determination to renounce our association with this material world is called […]
  5. Thanksgiving celebration

    Prabhupada: Generally, any animal you kill, that is sinful. But especially cow killing is sinful. Go-hatya. And that cow killing is going on in the Christian world, and still, they are religious. What kind of religion? Christian religion says generally, “Thou shalt not kill.” And especially they are killing cows. Generally killing and especially killing. […]
  6. Vedic cosmology: stars are like the moon

    Modern scientists and astronomers try to explain the cosmic situation and the vastness of space, and some of them believe that all the glittering stars are different suns. From Bhagavad-gita, however, we understand that all these stars (naksatras) are like the moon, in that they reflect the sunshine [Bg 15.12]. They are not independent luminaries. […]
  7. Speculations on Indian history

    Your first question is, how can the Vedas be considered eternal since they contain many historical references? But history is also eternal. For example, six months ago there was summer now there is a new season, and in another six months summer again. This calculation of one year is history but the summer and winter […]
  8. God has saved my Krsna

    Prabhupada: The Christian conception of God as Father is not so perfect. Because if we conceive God as Father and Mother, then the policy is to take from Him. Because everyone wants to take from the father: “Father, give me that. Mother, give me that.” But this philosophy, that to accept the Supreme Lord as […]