1. Submit to the best authority: Krsna

    You cannot understand Krsna by exercising your sensual perception, speculation. It is not possible. Krsna is so great that He is not within your sensual exercise. No. He can be understood by surrender. Krsna, therefore, recommends this process: sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja [Bg. 18.66]. Because our disease is rebellious, no authority. We don’t […]
  2. The queens’ love for Krsna

    When all the principal queens of Lord Krsna had finished their statements, Rohini, as the representative of the other sixteen thousand queens, began to narrate the incident of their becoming wives of Krsna. “My dear Queen, when Bhaumasura was conquering all the world, he collected wherever possible all the beautiful daughters of the kings and […]
  3. A gopi describes Krsna

    Then another gopi began to speak. “My dear friend,” she said, “Krsna is very clever in using words. No one can compete with Him in that art. He can manufacture such colorful words and talk so sweetly that the heart of any woman would be misled. Besides that, He has perfected the art of smiling […]
  4. Krsna in the center

    Prabhupada: When everything is Krsna, that is Vrndavana life. Why Vrndavana life is so exalted? Because they have no other shelter except Krsna. The whole book Krsna is therefore center Krsna. That’s all. But there are many varieties of activities. Hari-sauri: There’s ninety chapters there. Just…, that’s a drop in the ocean. Prabhupada: Every page, […]
  5. All perfection of our desires

    The gopis or cowherd girlfriends of Krsna underwent tremendous penances in their previous lives to attain Krsna as their husband. Similarly, in Srimad-Bhagavatam, Sukadeva Gosvami says that those boys who were playing with Krsna had undergone great penances and austerities in their previous lives in order to acquire Krsna as a playmate. Thus the playmates, […]
  6. Old is better than modern

    This is the process: we have to follow the previous acaryas. That is Vedic system. In the very beginning of this chapter Krsna said, evam parampara-praptam imam rajarsayo viduh [Bg. 4.2]. We haven’t got to make any research, modern understanding. There is no question of modern understanding. We are all following the old, ancient understanding. […]