1. Only business of the devotee

    That is the thankless task of the devotees, to turn these vimudhan from this maya-sukha to real sukha. This is the business of the devotee. They have no other business. Their business is not for making money. Money, they have got enough, and Krsna supplies all their money. So there is no such problem for […]
  2. The difference between God and us

    God is also an individual person as you are individual person, I am individual person, but the difference between God and you and me is this, that you know your business, I know my business, but God knows everyone’s business. That is the difference. From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.5 — 3 April, 1972, […]
  3. Nobody can conquer God, except…

    God’s another name is ajita. A means “not,” and jita means “conquered.” Nobody can conquer God. That is God. God is never conquered by anyone. He conquers everyone. God is conquered by His devotee, not by the demons. The demons are conquered by God. But devotee can conquer. Ajito ‘pi, jito ‘pi. Although God is […]
  4. What beggars should know

    We can ask favor from anyone, but we must know that nobody can favor us unless it is sanctioned by the Supreme Person. We must always know. Not that because one is very, in a superior position, he can favor me. No, he cannot favor you unless it is sanctioned by the Supreme. Suppose we […]
  5. You cannot avoid death

    Ramesvara: …that if there is a war between Russia and America, there would be a nuclear war, and they would pollute the whole atmosphere with radioactive particles, which would kill everyone. Prabhupada: It is already polluted. Ramesvara: They say that this radioactive fallout… Prabhupada: The whole material world is polluted. Who will live here? [laughter] […]
  6. The advent of Krsna

    Simply by the advent of Krsna, the entire world became filled with all kinds of auspiciousness. Wherever there is no existence of the Supreme Lord, the path of argument is prominent and the path of disciplic succession is attacked. Sri Krsna, who enjoys variegated spiritual pastimes, is an ocean of nectarean mellows. Wherever a relationship […]
  7. How to render perfect service to Krsna

    Visnujana: How do we render perfect service to Krsna? Prabhupada: By your anxiety. [laughter, “Haribol!”] If you are anxious to serve Krsna, that is the real asset. Krsna is unlimited. What service we can offer to Him? And He has got unlimited servants also. What service He requires from you and me? He’s perfect in […]
  8. Utilizing anarthas for Krsna

    People criticize us that “Why you are utilizing motorcar ? Why you are utilizing aeroplane?” But our tactic is we can utilize any so-called anartha in the service of Krsna. That is our tactics. That means you have created some anartha, but we can engage even this anartha in the service of Krsna and make […]