1. Threatened by nonexistence

    Every man is in difficulty in so many ways, as Arjuna was also in difficulty in having to fight the Battle of Kuruksetra. Arjuna surrendered unto Lord Krsna, and consequently this Bhagavad-gita was spoken. Not only Arjuna, but every one of us is full of anxieties because of this material existence. Our very existence is in the atmosphere of […]
  2. How to be happy and successful

    I am so glad to hear how you are strictly following the regulative principles, chanting at least 16 rounds of beads daily, and associating with devotees exclusively for the past year. That is our very strength in spiritual life, and if you continue to do so, then your rapid advancement in Krishna Consciousness is certain. Read our books, attend […]
  3. No question of divorcing

    Canakya Pandita is giving too much stress on mother and wife in family life. So he says if one’s mother is dead and if his wife does not behave very well, ill-behaving, so Canakya Pandita advises him that aranyam tena gantavyam: such person should immediately go to the forest. Because in the Vedic understanding there is no divorce. If […]
  4. Enjoy material advantages and be liberated also

    SB 3.22.34 TRANSLATION Thus Svayambhuva Manu was a saintly king. Although absorbed in material happiness, he was not dragged to the lowest grade of life, for he always enjoyed his material happiness in a Krsna conscious atmosphere. PURPORT The kingly happiness of material enjoyment generally drags one to the lowest grade of life, namely degradation to animal life, […]
  5. Practice now and go back to Godhead

    If you practice in your life, while you are human being,…if you utilize your life in that way, then at the end, when you give up this body, you go back to Godhead for eternal life, eternal bliss, eternal knowledge, and live happily, without any material miseries. That is the result. [Srila Prabhupada; lecture, Bhagavad-gita As It Is […]
  6. Everywhere Krishna

    With advance of Krishna Consciousness one is able to realize that Krishna is always with His devotees — not only with His devotees, also with the non-devotees, but the devotees can recognize His Presence and the non-devotees cannot. The more you make advancement in Krishna Consciousness you will see Krishna everywhere. Not only on the bank of the river, […]
  7. Srila Prabhupada on Vyasa-puja

    Vyasa-puja means to accept this parampara system. Vyasa. Guru is the representative of Vyasadeva because he does not change anything. What Vyasadeva said, your guru will also say the same thing. Not that “So many hundreds of thousands of years have passed away. Therefore I will give you a new formula.” No. There is no new formula. The same […]
  8. Simply try to understand Krsna

    If you simply try to understand Krsna — why Krsna advents Himself, why does He come, why does He disappear, what are His activities, what is His philosophy, this is Krsna consciousness. If you simply try to understand Krsna, then the result will be tyaktva deham — after giving up this body, no more accepting. Then you stop your […]
  9. Krsna’s many names

    Actually the Lord’s name already exists because of His transcendental activities. The Lord is sometimes called guna-karma-nama because He is named according to His transcendental activities. For example, Krsna means “all-attractive.” This is the Lord’s name because His transcendental qualities make Him very attractive. As a small boy He lifted Govardhana Hill, and in His childhood He killed many demons. […]
  10. The perfect name

    “Krsna” is the most explicit term for God. God may have many names. Krsna is the perfect name. God has no name; some philosophers say like that. No name means that His name is understood by His different action. Just like Krsna is sometimes called Yasoda-nandana. Because He has accepted Mother Yasoda, to become her son, therefore Krsna’s name […]
  11. Conditions for hearing

    The conditions for hearing the transcendental message of the Absolute Truth are set forth herein. The first condition is that the audience must be very sincere and eager to hear. And the speaker must be in the line of disciplic succession from the recognized acarya. The transcendental message of the Absolute is not understandable by those who are materially […]