1. Allowance for meat-eating devotees

    Umapati: The symbol of the United States is an eagle, which is a bird of prey. Prabhupada: No, eagle… Our symbol is also Garuda, big eagle. Yes. Big eagle, Garuda. And you know Garuda is not vegetarian? You know that? Prajapati: Snakes. Prabhupada: Yes. He is not vegetarian. So if one becomes a sincere devotee like Garuda, you […]
  2. Woman is always subordinate

    Even the queens of Krsna, they are not ordinary women; very exalted. So they were giving their acquaintances to Draupadi, “In this way I became a maidservant of Krsna.” You will find this in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. Even the queens… Every queen possessed a big, palatial building, and all the palaces were made of first-class marble, and the furnitures were […]
  3. Srila Prabhupada moved, his movement started

    Go on preaching from one place to another, another place. Maha-vicalanam [SB 10.8.4]. Mahatmas should walk. Vicalanam, “movement.” Just like I was in Vrndavana. If I had not moved, then this movement would not have been started. Because I moved, at the age of seventy years, something is now tangible. So similarly, every sannyasi should move from place to […]
  4. Recommended for the age of quarrel

    No one agrees with anyone else. Everyone has his own theory; everyone has his own philosophy. If I don’t agree with you, you fight me. This is the symptom of Kali-yuga. The only method recommended in this age is chanting the holy name. (From “The Perfection of Yoga” by Srila Prabhupada)
  5. Mayavadis are in maya, thinking they are Krsna

    Any person who considers Krsna as material, His body also material — he is a mudha: avajananti mam mudha manusim tanum asritam [Bg. 9.11]. That mudha thinks Krsna, because He is playing just like a human being, therefore He is one of us, one of us. The rascals, they try to imitate Krsna. How you can imitate Krsna? Krsna […]
  6. The greatest missionary activity

    Krsna-katha is the only remedy for all people of the world because it can situate one in pure consciousness of the self and liberate one from material bondage. To preach krsna-katha all over the world, as recommended by Lord Caitanya, is the greatest missionary activity, and all sensible men and women of the world may join in this great […]
  7. Denying to surrender to God is insanity

    So who is a sane man who will deny, “No, I don’t surrender to God”? Who is a sane man? He must be insane. Anyone who says that “I don’t like God. I don’t like to surrender unto Him,” then he must be insane. He has already surrendered. He is going on under the condition of surrender, but […]
  8. Srila Prabhupada goes to school

    [Children] do not want to go to school. I am forced to go to school. Yes. At least, I was like that. (laughter) I never wanted to go to school. And my father was very kind. “So all right. Why you are not going to school?” I would say, “I will go tomorrow.” “All right.” But my mother […]
  9. Come to the real standard of life

    Therefore we should not be lazy and sleepy, at the same time not foolishly active. We must come to the real standard of life, goodness. Then we can begin our devotional service. (Srila Prabhupada; lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.20 — Vrndavana, October 31 1972)
  10. Marriage based on mutual liking

    Another symptom of Kali-yuga: dam-patye ‘bhirucir hetur mayaiva vyavaharike: “Marriages will be arranged according to temporary affection, and to be a successful businessman, one will have to cheat.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 12.2.3] The relationship between husband and wife will depend on abhiruci, their liking each other. If a girl likes a boy and a boy likes a girl, then they think, […]
  11. Chanting attitude

    The holy name has to be chanted to please the Supreme Lord, and not for any sense gratification. If this pure mentality is there then you become so glorious that not only do you become purified yourself, but you become competent to deliver others. So go on doing this nicely and Krishna will help you make advancement in Krishna […]