1. Increasing the spiritual content of our lives

    Simply become more concerned with increasing the spiritual content of our lives, and in this way all other problems like management will be easily solved, not that they can be solved by making some legal formula and having big big meetings and talks. The politicians have been holding such meetings and talks for some time now and the world […]
  2. They must starve. Why you are bothering?

    Guest (1): But Guruji, giving those who are in need, is not giving to God? Srila Prabhupada: That is your philosophy. That is your philosophy. Everyone is needy. Guest (3): Now people… There are drought conditions, people are starving. Cattles are dying. There are no rains. Srila Prabhupada: Yes, because they are not God conscious, they are thinking like […]
  3. Purifying the polluted aim of life

    The sufferings of human society are due to a polluted aim of life, namely lording it over the material resources. The more human society engages in the exploitation of undeveloped material resources for sense gratification, the more it will be entrapped by the illusory material energy of the Lord, and thus the distress of the world will be intensified […]
  4. Remembering Krsna by Chanting

    As soon as you chant Hare Krsna, immediately you remember Krsna, Krsna’s form, Krsna’s fighting, Krsna is sitting on the chariot of Arjuna. If you read Krsna book always, some of His pastimes will immediately come, appear in my brain, immediately, as soon as you chant Hare Krsna. That is required. Smaranam, automatically. As soon as you chant Hare […]
  5. Not enough hours

    For those working in Krsna consciousness, there are simply not enough hours in the day to serve Krsna. There are always activities, engagements both day and night, which the student of Krsna consciousness performs joyfully. That is the stage of real happiness — constant engagement for Krsna and spreading Krsna consciousness around the world. In the material world one may […]
  6. How the noble aims of human life are destroyed

    Human prosperity flourishes by natural gifts and not by gigantic industrial enterprises. The gigantic industrial enterprises are products of a godless civilization, and they cause the destruction of the noble aims of human life. The more we go on increasing such troublesome industries to squeeze out the vital energy of the human being, the more there will be unrest […]
  7. The perfect exhibition of the akama spirit

    Srila Jiva Gosvami has explained this desirelessness as bhajaniya-parama-purusa-sukha-matra-sva-sukhatvam in his Sandarbha. This means that one should feel happy only by experiencing the happiness of the Supreme Lord. This intuition of the living being is sometimes manifested even during the conditioned stage of a living being in the material world, and such intuition is expressed in the manner of altruism, […]
  8. The Krsna conscious art of living

    This Krsna consciousness movement is an art of living by which you will feel your senses are fully satisfied, but you are going to be free next life. This is the nice process. And artificially if you want to stop your senses, you will fail. That Krsna says, “One who restrains the sense and organs of action but whose […]
  9. Ecstasy while chanting

    Hrdayananda: [translating] When the devotees are chanting their rounds and when they think of their spiritual master they feel a type of ecstasy. So why are they feeling this ecstasy? Prabhupada: That means spiritual standard. That feeling of ecstasy is required. That is spiritual standard. If he does not feel ecstasy, then there is still time to come to […]