1. The old system of gurukula should be revived

    I am very much anxious to open schools for educating children of responsible leaders in our Krishna Consciousness way of life, especially also in India. If these leaders simply become a little convinced about the real purpose of human life, there is tremendous potency for improving the world. Last night the topic of my lecture at our Delhi pandal […]
  2. The value of public chanting and book distribution

    Amogha: Srila Prabhupada? When people in the street hear Krsna’s name, the chanting, or they get some literature, does that mean they will not take birth as an animal? Prabhupada: No. They’ll get birth in good family. Sucinam srimatam gehe [Bg. 6.41]. If they simply appreciate, “It is very nice,” then in his next life, human life is guaranteed. […]
  3. A rabbit kills a lion

    There is a story that a lion was killed by a rabbit. Sasakena nipatitah. Why? Now, buddhir yasya balam tasya: "One who has got intelligence, he has got power." A lion is very mighty, ferocious animal, and a sasaka, a ordinary rabbit, he killed a lion. How? Now, the lion was disturbing all animals, so all the animals held a meeting and called the lion: "Sir, you do not
  4. Facilities that Srila Prabhupada gives

    Train up your mind, God, godly mentality. Then you'll be transferred next life, back to home, back to Godhead. That is required. This Krsna consciousness movement is training the people for being promoted to the highest standard of life. This Krsna consciousness movement is so important. We are giving chance to the people not to become next life cats and dogs and
  5. Demons advocate cow killing

    We are advocating cow protection and encouraging people to drink more milk and eat palatable preparations made of milk, but the demons, just to protest such proposals, are claiming that they are advanced in scientific knowledge. They say that according to their scientific way, they have discovered that milk is dangerous and that the beef obtained by killing cows is
  6. A grhastha’s first duty

    A grhastha's first duty is to be fully dependent on Vasudeva, Krsna, and to try to satisfy Him in all respects by executing one's prescribed devotional service. This devotional service will depend on the instructions of authorities and the association of devotees who are actually engaged in devotional service. The beginning of devotional service is sravanam, or
  7. A discussion about offenseless chanting

    Makhanlal: In the Sixth Canto of the Bhagavatam you made a statement that if a devotee chants the holy name even once inoffensively, this protects him eternally. Is it possible for a devotee... Prabhupada: Why you take advantage of chants one? Why not sixteen? Opportunist. [laughter] Not devotee. Makhanlal: If one has even some small amount... Prabhupada: This
  8. Present Krsna as He is

    We are trying to present Bhagavad-gita, or Krsna, as He is. And by the grace of Krsna, it is coming out successful. For thousands of years Bhagavad-gita was being read in foreign countries by big, big scholars, philosophers, but there was not a single devotee of Krsna. But we have started this movement, not even five years old, we have got sixty branches, and there