1. Hanuman will never accept Krsna

    Paramahamsa: So that point is not so important, whether Krsna is coming from Visnu or Visnu is coming from Krsna. Prabhupada: Yes, that is not important.Because, actually both of Them the same, the Supreme. That example we give that candle, two candles, that so far the power of lighting is concerned, both of them equal. Now, you may say this is first candle, I say if
  2. Don’t establish a Deity to make a farce

    Pradyumna: "Especially for the householder-devotees, the path of Deity worship is strongly recommended. As far as possible, every householder, by the direction of the spiritual master, must install the Deity of Visnu, forms like Radha-Krsna, Laksmi-Narayana or Sita-Rama especially, or any other form of the Lord, like Nrsimha, Varaha, Gaura-Nitai, Matsya, Kurma
  3. This is education

    But the Europeans and Americans, they are going to India for learning brahma-vidya. That is education. The Europeans and Americans, when they go to Vrndavana and Mayapur, they do not go there to see how we have manufacturd cycle and machine for sewing. They have seen enough of this. We may be very proud in India: "Now we are manufacturing cycle and sewing machine or
  4. Everything Krsna — this is Krsna consciousness

    If you think of Krsna twenty-four hours, then you'll become fully Krsna conscious, and your life is successful. Don't allow anything. This requires little practice, abhyasa-yoga-yuktena cetasa nanya-gamina [Bg. 8.8]. I should not allow my mind to go, to think of any other subject than Krsna. Now we have got so many books. So whenever you find time... You must find
  5. Lord Ramacandra, ideal husband

    Ramacandra was ordered by His father, "My dear son, You have to go forest for fourteen years." Sita was not ordered, but she voluntarily followed Him. "Where shall I go? You are my husband. You are going to the forest? I shall go to the forest." This is Vedic civilization. And because she went with her husband, the Rama-Ravana fight was there. Pathe nari-vivarjitah.
  6. Sannyasis attracted by philanthropic work

    If sannyasis (persons in the renounced order of life, who have left their homes for self-realization) do not engage themselves in the devotional service of the Lord but become attracted by philanthropic work, such as opening educational institutions, hospitals or even monasteries, churches or temples of demigods, they find only trouble from such engagements, not only
  7. Learning from Krsna how to live happily

    Jamadagni was more powerful than Kartaviryarjuna because of performing the agnihotra-yajna with clarified butter received from the kamadhenu. Not everyone can be expected to possess such a cow. Nonetheless, an ordinary man may possess an ordinary cow, give protection to this animal, take sufficient milk from it, and engage the milk to produce butter and clarified
  8. Not afraid to publicly chant

    If you practice... Just like these boys. They are chanting "Hare Krsna," so their mind is fixed up in Krsna. Man-mana. And they can do it without being afraid by public criticism, because they are mad-bhakta. They have become bhakta. Others, they will afraid: "I am such-and-such person. If I chant, then what the others will speak?" [laughter] But a devotee is not
  9. Either you chant Hare Krsna or Hare Rama

    Sometimes they come to fight with us, that "Why you say 'Hare Krsna'? Why you do not say 'Hare Rama'?" Perhaps you have got experience. But sastra says, kirtanad eva krsnasya. It does not mean that we do not accept Rama as the Supreme Per... That does not mean. Sastra said, kirtanad eva krsnasya mukta-sangah param vrajet. And it is said in the sastra that if you chant