1. Following Krsna’s example of village life

    This Krsna consciousness movement is trying to revive the original, constitutional position. So one of them, in Krsna consciousness movement, is village organization, as you are trying here. Krsna, in His natural life, is a village boy in Vrndavana. Vrndavana is a village. There is no factory, there is no motorcar, there is no big, big skyscraper buildings; it is
  2. Tricky Krsna

    Yudhisthira Maharaja was advised by Krsna that "You go to Dronacarya and tell him the lies." "What is that?" "Now, tell him that 'Your son Asvatthama is dead.' " Because Dronacarya had some benediction that unless he is shocked by the death of his son, he will never die. So Krsna had to take this diplomatic, because it is politics. Because Dronacarya will not believe
  3. Society’s hope for the future

    Innocent enquirers are known as jijnasu, "those who are inquisitive." These innocent enquirers are society's hope for the future. Most intelligent and innocent young children are inquisitive: they question their parents about many things and remember the answers. When these bright young boys and girls receive proper guidance from parents and teachers who can lucidly
  4. Hearing about Krsna in Vrndavan

    First business is sravanam. You can hear. Whom? Visnu, not nonsense talks. Visnu, Krsna, you hear. So you can hear anywhere. There is no specific mention that it can be heard in such and such place. You can anywhere. But a holy place like Vrndavana, the hearing has got a special effect. So here we are establishing this mandira. And you foreigners, you have taken some
  5. Get beaten by Srila Prabhupada’s shoes

    Satsvarupa: They say God should be exemplary. Prabhupada: No. God is not bound to prove His example character to you. You are a rascal. Satsvarupa: Then how will I know what to follow? Prabhupada: You learn! You come to me. I'll teach you and beat you with shoes and teach you. [laughter] Come to me. Why I am here? You come. I shall beat you with shoes and teach you.
  6. Srila Prabhupada: always the leader

    Srila Prabhupada said: I was very persistent. All my friends, children, would help me. I was never lazy from my birth, neither dull. Neither to be defeated by anyone. Whatever I would order to my parents or friends must be obeyed. Krsna has always given me leadership. I am surprised how I, a poor Indian, have leadership of the Europeans and Americans. Only my wife did
  7. Srila Prabhupada discusses Govardhana-puja

    The sacrifice known as Govardhana-puja is observed in the Krsna consciousness movement. Lord Caitanya has recommended that since Krsna is worshipable, so His land — Vrndavana and Govardhana Hill — is also worshipable. To confirm this statement, Lord Krsna said that Govardhana-puja is as good as worship of Him. From that day, Govardhana-puja has been going on and is