1. Govardhana lifting is the God-test

    Acyutananda: "In India, there are many svamis who claim themselves to be Krsna. How to detect them?" Prabhupada: Hmm? Many svamis...? Devotee: Claim to be Krsna. How to detect them? Prabhupada: Let them prove that he is Krsna. If you are foolish, then they will accept. If you are intelligent, then you'll ask him, "First of all lift the Govardhana Hill, then you become
  2. Havoc from mixing with babajis

    I have received information that some of our devotees are mixing with the babajis in Vrindaban. This has produced so many problems amongst our men and women who visit Vrindaban. Here in Los Angeles, we have found that there is a group of about 40 devotees who privately meet to discuss the intimate pastimes artificially thinking that they can enter into the
  3. Vagina-licking civilization

    Prabhupada: Everywhere. This male and female, nature's gift that is. Therefore tasyaiva hetoh. These things you'll get. Tamala Krsna: Yes. So why use the...? Prabhupada: Why you are after these things? Tamala Krsna: Hm. Wasting human life. Prabhupada: You'll get woman. So be satisfied, the nature's gift of woman, nature's gift of your position, and utilize your life
  4. Women not disqualified

    So far spiritual life is concerned, it does not depend on the material brain substance. It is different thing. It is spiritual platform. It has nothing to do with this bodily construction. You must remember. We don't make any distinction that a man can be better Krsna consciousness than woman. No. A woman can be better Krsna consciousness because they are very simple.
  5. The Vedic system

    Krishna was a cowherd's boy, and with His friends, other cowherd's boy, He used to go with His cows in the pasturing ground the whole day. That was the system. Because people at that time were satisfied with land and cows, that's all. That is the means of solution of all economic problems. They were not industrial, they were not servant of anyone. Simply get
  6. All classes of men can hear about Krsna

    In this world there are three kinds of men: those who are liberated, those trying to be liberated, and those entangled in sense enjoyment. Of these three, those who are already liberated chant and hear the holy name of the Lord, knowing perfectly well that to glorify the Lord is the only way to keep oneself in a transcendental position. Those who are trying to be
  7. Krsna is not partial

    Krsna has equal vision. That picture, Krsna, He's embracing the calf. He is not only embracing the gopis, but He is embracing the calf also, cows also. Sama-darsinah. For Krsna the gopis, the calf and the cows, or anyone in Vrndavana who has come to serve Him, they are all equal to Him. Somebody wants to serve Krsna as calf, somebody wants to serve Krsna as cow
  8. Radha-kunda and Naraka-kunda

    In Radha-kunda, sometime in 1934, my Guru Maharaja was living, and he was discussing Upanisad. He was discussing Upanisad regularly. And the babajis... There are many babajis in Radha-kunda. First of all, they came, that "Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura has come, such a learned scholar and the establisher of Gaudiya Matha." So out of curiosity they came. And when
  9. Rascal civilization, hog civilization

    What is this rascal civilization, whole day "Where is money? Where is money? Where is money? Where is money? Where is money?" Everyone. Busy means "Where is money? Where is money?" Just like the hog, he is busy: "What my...? Where is stool? Where is stool? Where is stool? Where is stool? Where is stool?" That is not civilization. If you remain always busy, "Where is
  10. We never condemn family life

    Prabhupada: How the Egyptian people are? Prthu-putra: They're really a nationalistic type of persons. Prabhupada: That is everywhere. Prthu-putra: But I never noticed like this anywhere else. And they're really attached to family life, even more than in India. Prabhupada: Accha? Prthu-putra: Oh, yes. Prabhupada: They have got nice family? Prthu-putra: Oh, yes. They have nice family, and they have many children. And the man is working, and the woman
  11. Read Narottama dasa Thakura’s Prarthana

    Narottama dasa Thakura says, gauda mandala bhumi, yeba jane cintamani tara hoy vrajabhume vasa. Anyone who understands gauda mandala bhumi in Bengal — this Navadvipa, Navadvipa-candra, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu — if anyone understands the spiritual value of this land, he lives in Vrajabhumi, in Vrndavana. There is no difference between Vrndavana and this