1. Demonic life and its consequences

    In the Vedic culture, those who are meat-eaters, they have been advised that "Don't eat meat purchased from the slaughterhouse or from the market." Actually, this system was never current anywhere, all over the world, that to maintain slaughterhouse. This is latest invention. We talk with sometimes with Christian gentlemen, and when we inquire that "Lord Christ says
  2. Chanting Hare Krsna and chanting Coca-Cola

    In Bombay there is a so-called rascal, he says, "The chanting of Hare Krsna mantra and chanting of Coca-Cola is the same." He is such a rascal. He does not know that this is not a vibration of this material world. But one who has no knowledge, they think that "What is the meaning of this chant, 'Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna'?" But they can practically see that we can go on
  3. Vyasa-puja Offering to Srila Prabhupada, 2016

    On your order, Śrīla Prabhupāda, I write “philosophical and educational books,” and am presently working on an overview of your stated plans for your great ISKCON mission. Assembling this book involves researching and classifying quotes from the huge corpus of your published instructions. It is a task that requires diligence rather than creativity, insightfulness, or writing virtuosity. This will probably be the most important literary undertaking of my life, and for years I have been looking forward to getting...
  4. Radha attacked by rascal Krsna

    Sometimes when Radharani would go out, Krsna would attack Her, and when She would fall down — "Krsna, don't torture Me in that way" — They would fall down, and Krsna would take the opportunity and kiss Her. So, Radharani was very pleased, but superficially Krsna was the greatest rascal. So unless rascaldom is in Krsna, how could rascaldom be existent in the world? Our formula of God is that He is the source of everything. But His rascaldom...
  5. Radha is first

    Radha-Krsna. So Radha's name is first. Why? Nobody can be better devotee than Radharani. So as soon as Radha's name is there, Krsna is more pleased. So that is the way. So if we glorify the devotees, the character of the devotees, before the Lord, He's more pleased than to glorify Himself, He directly.
  6. literary masterpieces

    There is a verse in Srimad-Bhagavatam that a book or poetry in which the Holy Name of Krishna is depicted, such language is revolutionary in the matter of purifying the material atmosphere. Even though such literature is presented in broken language or grammatical inconsistency or rhetorical irregularity, still, those who are saintly persons adore such literature.
  7. Srila Prabhupada on hype

    Especially in modern society, all activities are more or less dependent on hearing and glorifying. Any man from any social status becomes a well-known man in human society within a very short time if he is simply glorified truly or falsely in the daily newspapers. Sometimes political leaders of a particular party are also advertised by newspaper propaganda, and by