1. Things are going on without Gandhi

    When Gandhi attained independence, I requested him in a letter, "Mahatma Gandhi, now you started your struggle with the Britishers, that they should go and Indians should have their independence. Now you have attained independence and Britishers have gone. Now you preach Bhagavad-gita. You have got some influence. You are known throughout the whole world a very great saintly person, and you also pose yourself that you are a great scholar of Bhagavad-gita. Why don't you take up Bhagavad-gita...
  2. On understanding Krsna in truth

    CC Adi 2.117 purport: There are many students who, in spite of reading the Bhagavad-gita, misunderstand Krsna because of imperfect knowledge and conclude Him to be an ordinary historical personality. This one must not do. One should be particularly careful to understand the truth about Krsna. If because of laziness one does not come to know Krsna conclusively, one will be misguided about the cult of devotion,
  3. Chanting seriously

    ...chanting involves the activities of the upper and lower lips as well as the tongue. All three must be engaged in chanting the Hare Krsna maha-mantra. The words "Hare Krsna" should be very distinctly pronounced and heard. Sometimes one mechanically produces a hissing sound instead of chanting with the proper pronunciation with the help of the lips and tongue. Chanting is very simple, but one must practice it seriously.
  4. Basic principle of preaching activities

    It is usual for the devotees to become very enthusiastic whenever they are questioned concerning the Almighty Personality of Godhead. That is the sign of a pure devotee of the Lord. Such discourses on the transcendental activities of the Lord purify the atmosphere in which such discussions are held, and the devotees thus become enlivened while answering such questions. It is purifying both for the questioners and for one who answers the questions.
  5. Know the books, like a lawyer

    Prabhupada: You should read these books so nicely. Just like big lawyer — they go to the court and they cite: "Under such and such section or under such and such clause." Yes. So he is a big lawyer. Similarly, we have got so many books. If we can give reference immediately from the books, that means you are reading. Big lawyer means who can give immediate reference from the law book, not that simply he's got this stamp...
  6. No fool

    A devotee, trying to excuse a mistake he had made, said to Srila Prabhupada, "I'm just a fool". Srila Prabhupad responded, "You should approach the spiritual master thinking yourself a fool, but it is not good to remain a fool after being instructed by him". On another occasion Srila Prabhupada said that as long as we think ourselves a fool before our guru then we will be alright, but as soon as we stop thinking ourselves a fool, then...
  7. Printing Mundane Newspapers is Sinful

    In the Western countries, newspaper is very popular thing, a huge bundle of newspaper. Although he'll not read, the newspapermen supplies huge bundle of newspaper. And wasting of paper, printing, unnecessarily cutting the trees, for running on the paper mill. This is sinful activity. They are not reading so many nonsense books and newspapers, but paper is required, there is demand. So paper mill requires cutting of the trees unnecessarily.