1. Pre-Janmastami meditation — Seeing the festival who is Krsna

    Krsna's face is decorated with ornaments, such as earrings resembling sharks. His ears are beautiful, His cheeks brilliant, and His smiling attractive to everyone. Whoever sees Lord Krsna sees a festival. His face and body are fully satisfying for everyone to see, but the devotees are angry at the creator for the disturbance caused by the momentary blinking of their eyes.
  2. Pre-Janmastami meditation — Krsna’s pastimes in a nutshell

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna, known as lila-purusottama, appeared as the son of Vasudeva but immediately left His father's home and went to Vrndavana to expand His loving relationship with His confidential devotees. In Vrndavana the Lord killed many demons, and afterwards He returned to Dvaraka, where according to Vedic principles He married many wives who were the best of women, begot through them hundreds of sons, and performed sacrifices for His own worship to establish the...
  3. Real starvation

    ...important is the soul, not this material body. So anyone who's accepting this material body as very important... Just like the other day, some rascals came. They were very much eager for feeding this body. Those who are starving, starvation... Starvation of the bodily concept of life. But there is spiritual starvation. That we are not taking care.
  4. “Now”

    [Srila Prabhupada instructs Achyutananda Das about Vedanta-sutra] "The first sutra reads athato brahma jijnasa. Athata means 'now,' jijnasa means to inquire. 'Now we shall inquire into the Absolute Truth, Brahman.' So what does this now mean?
  5. Srila Prabhupada’s miracle in America

    You cannot understand how it has happened. How it has happened, this is the miracle. Just like when I went to America, I was thinking that "Who will hear me? As soon as I will say that ‘You cannot eat meat, you cannot have illicit sex, you cannot have any intoxication up to smoking and you cannot indulge in gambling,' the next day they will say ‘Please go home.' "
  6. Krsna and Balarama sport in Vrndavana

    (including playing football) TEXT Sometimes Krsna and Balarama would play on Their flutes, sometimes They would throw ropes and stones devised for getting fruits from the trees, sometimes They would throw only stones, and sometimes, Their ankle bells tinkling, They would play football with fruits like bael and amalaki.