His Grace Mayesa Prabhu (ACBSP)

    Posted on June 11, 2016

My obeisances to the devotees. I do not know if there are issues other than the book which ended up in a temporary ban. But the book alone which I have and have read twice does not contain any new idea. It consists mainly of quotes from acharya AC Bhaktivedanta. I remember when HG Satsvarupa Maharaja published a book dealing with householders...

The thesis of the book Masters or Mothers is that in varna ashrama society there are "first principles..."

ISKCON was not created by us and we should never even think of reordering it to fit modern sensibilities. Modern moods will change. Horrible insanity will become acceptable in modern society. Varna ashrama presents us with sanity. Those seeking sanity will find it in ISKCON if we pursue what we have been given without change.

The book "pursues the Vedic version." We chant every morning the ten offenses to the Holy Name. One offense is to blaspheme Vedic lierature or literature in pursuit of the Vedic version.

Your servant, Mayesa dasa ACBSP


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