His Holiness Janananda Goswami (ACBSP)

    Posted on June 10, 2016

I just wanted to comment a little on the book – Women – Masters or Mothers. I have just finished reading it. I would be surprised that those who have made the decision to ban the book have actually gone through it. I have read it fairly comprehensively and frankly found it well balanced – in no way offensive – well researched, respectfully presented in general – perhaps the naming of certain individuals could have been averted, informative and very Krsna conscious to name a few aphorisms.

Specifics aside the book seems directed towards presenting the Vedic – Krsna conscious standpoint and especially in relationship with Varnasrama. Mostly it comes over that this is the main thrust with a deep concern about the ultimate protection of society – to free them from fear by taking shelter of Krsna’s instruction in terms of duty etc. The special emphasis on the welfare of the children and the womenfolk is very much appreciated. I do not feel there is any strong ground to ban this book especially in the light that so many questionable books have and are being sold in ISKCON temples all over the world. Generally I really appreciate what you have done here and I hope that more will see its value.

In the light of our present world situation such an approach as is emphasized in WMM may seem impractical or even archaic, but that does not diminish its important message to preserve and apply vital aspects of Srila Prabhupada’s instructions. In the face of the failing social structure that is presently patronized in and out of ISKCON in general, it is a breath of fresh air and worthy of serious discussion. My impression is that it is out of concern for the welfare of ISKCON and the world that the book stands its ground and of immense value to those influencing and guiding the members of ISKCON. If we are secure in our situation there is no need to fear the effect it may have on its audience. It is vitally important we not just accept the “abnormalities” of today as the only way, but take a deep look again into the timeless system of society passed down from Krsna through the disciplic succession, Srila Prabhupada and the sastras.

Your servant

Janananda Gosvami


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