Vrndavana life: Krsna is the Center

    Posted on August 19, 2014

That is Vrndavana life, either in rasa dance or the cowherd's play or killing the demons or in dining and dancing. The friends are eating, they are being stolen by Brahma -- but the center is Krsna. That is Vrndavana. All activities are going on, just like in other place. But here in Vrndavana, all activities centered around Krsna. When Brahma is stealing His friends, the center is Krsna. The demon is coming to destroy -- the center is Krsna. When there is forest fire, the center is Krsna. This is Vrndavana beauty. In happiness, in danger, in perplexities, in friendship -- everything Krsna. Kaliya-damana. "Oh, Krsna has gone to Yamuna. He has
fallen down in the..., to fight the Kaliya." It is a calamity. But still, the center is Krsna. This is the beauty of Vrndavana. "Krsna has entered Yamuna to fight with Kaliya." It is not at all good news for mother Yasoda, Nanda, friends and family, not at all. Their life is lost. But still the Krsna is center. This is Vrndavana life. In everything Krsna is center.

Srila Prabhupada, January 9, 1977, Bombay


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