Violent, immoral Krsna passes stool and urine, pleases gopis

    Posted on November 2, 2014

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Krsna's business in the neighborhood was not only to steal but sometimes to pass stool and urine in a neat, clean house. When caught by the master of the house, Krsna would chastise him, saying, "You are a thief." Aside from being a thief in His childhood affairs, Krsna acted as an expert thief when He was young by attracting young girls and enjoying them in the rasa dance. This is Krsna's business. He is also violent, as the killer of many demons. Although mundane people like nonviolence and other such brilliant qualities, God, the Absolute Truth, being always the same, is good in any activities, even so-called immoral activities like stealing, killing and violence. Krsna is always pure, and He is always the Supreme Absolute Truth. Krsna may do anything supposedly abominable in material life, yet still He is attractive. Therefore His name is Krsna, meaning "all-attractive." This is the platform on which transcendental loving affairs and service are exchanged. Because of the features of Krsna's face, the mothers were so attracted that they could not chastise Him. Instead of chastising Him, they smiled and enjoyed hearing of Krsna's activities. Thus the gopis remained satisfied, and Krsna enjoyed their happiness. Therefore another name of Krsna is Gopi-jana-vallabha because He invented such activities to please the gopis.

(Srila Prabhupada's purport to SB 10.8.31)


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