Unlike Rama, Krsna is completely free from any rules and regulation

    Posted on March 29, 2015

All these Visnu expansions, they are almost like Krsna, a little difference, but Krsna, what is that difference? That also we can note. When Krsna was here, He manifested Himself as completely free from any rules and regulation, any rules and regulation. But other incarnation, when They come, They follow the rules and regulation.

Just like Lord Ramacandra. When He came, He accepted only one wife, accepted only one wife. And even when that wife was banished. Sita. Sita. She was kidnapped by Ravana, and Lord Rama fought with him, killed the whole family and installed his brother in that kingdom and rescued Sita and brought home. So He was living with Sita. But some of the sudras, they criticized, "Oh, just see Ramacandra. He is king. He is very powerful. He is living with His kidnapped wife." Because in India once a woman goes out of home -- still the culture is -- she cannot be accepted any more. She has to live just like prostitute. She has no shelter.

But when this, popular opinion was there... He was king. He has to take the criticism of the public. Just like at the present moment the president, they don't care for public opinion, irresponsible. They say, "Responsible government." They are most irresponsible. But formerly, although there was monarchy, they were very much responsible. As soon as there was some criticism from the public, Ramacandra at once banished Sita: "Oh, I cannot live with Sita. Public opinion is against it." Just see. He is following the rules and regulations.

His father told Him, "My dear boy, I wish that instead of being enthroned, please go to the forest." "All right, it is your order. I must carry." Just see. He is following the principle. He is ideal... Ramacandra is ideal king means He has followed the principle of moral codes. But Krsna's behavior, you will find there is no moral code. He is free. At night He is calling girls, "Come on," and dance with Him. They were coming. From material point of view it is immoral, at least in India. But He is free. Ramacandra accepted one wife. He accepted sixteen thousand wives.

So Krsna, Krsna is above everything. No rules and regulation. He cannot do anything wrong. He is not under the jurisdiction of any law. Therefore Krsna manifested the full power of the Supreme Lord. And other incarnations, although they came, they came for the time being to perform a certain particular purpose, but they did not manifest the full power of God. Therefore Krsna is the Supreme God. Krsnas tu bhagavan svayam [SB 1.3.28]. It is confirmed in the Srimad-Bhagavatam that He is the Supreme Personality, original Personality of Godhead.

(Srila Prabhupada -- December 21, 1966, New York)


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