Statistics vs. Vedic rules for sex

    Posted on January 5, 2015

Guru-gauranga: They have made studies, and that if a woman gives birth at the age less than twenty there are more chances that she die, according to their statistics.

Prabhupada: Their statistics in the Western world... Inductive knowledge is always imperfect. They have not seen in India. My wife gave birth at the age of fourteen years. She is still living. She is ten years younger than me. So sixty-eight, sixty-nine she is. She gave birth child at the age of fourteen. In 1918 I was married, and 1921 she gave birth to child, my first son. And she was never unhealthy; neither she had to go to the hospital for maternity help. Natural delivery of child. Hare Krsna. This illicit sex, even with wife... If sex life is indulged after the period of menstruation, that is also illicit sex. There are so many rules and regulations about sex life in Vedic culture. That is real use of sex life. In the Bhagavad-gita, sex life, He says that dharmaviruddhah kamo 'smi [Bg. 7.11]. "Sex life which is under regulative principle of the Vedic knowledge," Krsna says, "I am that sex life. I am that sex life." And beyond that, this is illicit sex life. And yesterday I was reading that dharma... When there is irreligious sex, then it increases varna-sankara, unwanted population. So the modern civilization, they're letting loose the women for prostitution, and they want nice children. That is not possible.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Morning Walk -- June 8, 1974, Geneva


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