Srila Prabhupada reminisces about simple village life

    Posted on January 4, 2016

The farmers' children, they are leaving their farms. I have seen. In New Vrindaban, the farmers' children are not following. The father is working, and the boy has gone for education in the city, never to come back. Just like our Indian boys, they come here and they do not go back home. Material facilities they find more attractive. All varieties of vegetables, fresh fruit. In India still they have got many farm like that. I went with my father when I was about twelve years, thirteen years old, a remote family in the village. From the railway station it was twenty-four miles each way, and we had to go there. In those days there was no bus; this bullock cart. And I stayed there three, four days. The fresh vegetables, and ghee, nice rice, nice puffed rice, molasses. They gave me for breakfast this puffed rice mixed with molasses and cream. And then first-class rice, dal, vegetables, ghee, cow's ghee, milk. And everything will be within the reach. You haven’t got to go to the store. The rice is there, dal is there, the vegetables, in the garden, the milk is there, the ghee. Remote village, and they are independent.

My father was doing cloth business; he was customer. They bring cloth. Formerly the cloth was also being manufactured in the village. And in Bengal, the system was that four, five men dig a big lake, and with the mud they prepare their house. Mud walls, that’s good as brick. It is not fired. Raw. That is very good. So you get water by digging the lake, and all around there are cottages. And little farther you have got your land, grow your food. Those who are fish eaters, they are keeping fish farm. Everything fresh. No one had to go to the city. Nowadays, this city capitalist, they sold their market, and he will get five hundred dollars. He thought that "We are not... Money is very scarce in the village. Let us go to the city and spend." You get five hundred dollars but you have to spend eight hundred dollars. Then he will learn how to drink, how to go to cinema, how to go to restaurant, how to go to club. Then gambling. All "good" things.

(June 11, 1975, Honolulu)


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