Sanatana-dharma everywhere

    Posted on February 27, 2015

...the process by which we can understand our sanatana nature, that is called sanatana-dharma, not that having a big tilaka and considering this rascal lump of matter as "I am brahmana. This body is brahmana, and sanatana-dharma." This is all nonsense. Sanatana-dharma means you first of all you must know what you are. That is sanatana-dharma. Is it... Is sanatana-dharma is limited to a certain area? How it can be? Sarva-gatah. Sanatana-dharma must be there everywhere. Isavasyam idam sarvam [Iso mantra
1]. Everywhere, Krsna's kingdom, Krsna's property. How is that you are simply claiming that "India, there is sanatana-dharma"? "In India there is brahmana"? What Krsna creates, that is for everywhere. Because Krsna is the father of everyone. Aham bija-pradah pita, sarva-yonisu kaunteya [Bg. 14.4]. So this rascaldom, that sanatana-dharma is only in India, and that is also cut off... "Now, the Pakistan is cut off, and therefore there is no sanatana-dharma. Simply in here." If you remain foolish like that, then andha yathandhair upaniyamanah [SB 7.5.31], that means you are being led by some blind leaders. You do not know what is what. If living entity's sanatana, and if the process by which one can realize his sanatana nature... That is called sanatana-dharma.

From Srila Prabhupada's lecture on Bhagavad-gita 2.24 -- Hyderabad, November 28, 1972


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