Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis' prayers of surrender

    Posted on July 12, 2014

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(These prayers were submitted by Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis, at the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, on the occasion of their first meeting.)

CC Madhya 2.188-206:

jaya jaya sri-krsna-caitanya daya-maya
patita-pavana jaya, jaya mahasaya

"All glories to Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the most merciful savior of the fallen souls! All glories to the Supreme Personality!

nica-jati, nica-sangi, kari nica kaja
tomara agrete prabhu kahite vasi laja

"Sir, we belong to the lowest class of men, and our associates and employment are also of the lowest type. Therefore we cannot introduce ourselves to You. We feel very much ashamed, standing here before You.

mat-tulyo nasti papatma
naparadhi ca kascana
parihare 'pi lajja me
kim bruve purusottama

"Dear Lord, let us inform you that no one is more sinful than us, nor is there any offender like us. Even if we wanted to mention our sinful activities, we would immediately become ashamed. And what to speak of giving them up!"

patita-pavana-hetu tomara avatara
ama-ba-i jagate, patita nahi ara

Both brothers submitted, "Dear Lord, You have incarnated to deliver the fallen souls. You should consider that in this world there is none so fallen as us.

jagai-madhai dui karile uddhara
tahan uddharite srama nahila tomara

"You have delivered the two brothers Jagai and Madhai, but to deliver them You did not have to exert Yourself very much.

brahmana-jati tara, navadvipe ghara
nica-seva nahi kare, nahe nicera kurpara

"The brothers Jagai and Madhai belonged to the brahmana caste, and their residence was in the holy place of Navadvipa. They never served low-class persons, nor were they instruments to abominable activities.

sabe eka dosa tara, haya papacara
papa-rasi dahe namabhasei tomara

"Jagai and Madhai had but one fault--they were addicted to sinful activity. However, volumes of sinful activity can be burned to ashes simply by a dim reflection of the chanting of Your holy name.

tomara nama lana tomara karila nindana
sei nama ha-ila tara muktira karana

"Jagai and Madhai uttered Your holy name by way of blaspheming You. Fortunately, that holy name became the cause of their deliverance.

jagai-madhai haite koti koti guna
adhama patita papi ami dui jana

"We two are millions and millions of times inferior to Jagai and Madhai. We are more degraded, fallen and sinful than they.

mleccha-jati, mleccha-sevi, kari mleccha-karma
go-brahmana-drohi-sange amara sangama

"Actually we belong to the caste of meat-eaters because we are servants of meat-eaters. Indeed, our activities are exactly like those of the meat-eaters. Because we always associate with such people, we are inimical toward the cows and brahmanas."

mora karma, mora hate-galaya bandhiya
ku-visaya-vistha-garte diyache phelaiya

The two brothers, Sakara Mallika and Dabira Khasa, very humbly submitted that due to their abominable activities they were now bound by the neck and hands and had been thrown into a ditch filled with abominable stoollike objects of material sense enjoyment.

ama uddharite bali nahi tri-bhuvane
patita-pavana tumi----sabe toma vine

"No one within the three worlds is sufficiently powerful to deliver us. You are the only savior of the fallen souls; therefore there is no one but You.

ama uddhariya yadi dekhao nija-bala
'patita-pavana' nama tabe se saphala

"If You simply deliver us by Your transcendental strength, then certainly Your name will be known as Patita-pavana, the savior of the fallen souls.

satya eka bata kahon, suna, daya-maya
mo-vinu dayara patra jagate na haya

"Let us speak one word that is very true. Plainly hear us, O merciful one. There is no other object of mercy within the three worlds but us.

more daya kari' kara sva-daya saphala
akhila brahmanda dekhuka tomara daya-bala

"We are the most fallen; therefore by showing us Your mercy, Your mercy is most successful. Let the power of Your mercy be exhibited throughout the entire universe!

na mrsa paramartham eva me
srnu vijnapanam ekam agratah
yadi me na dayisyase tada
dayaniyas tava natha durlabhah

" 'Let us submit one piece of information before You, dear Lord. It is not at all false but is full of meaning. It is this: If You are not merciful upon us, then it will be very, very difficult to find more suitable candidates for Your mercy.'

apane ayogya dekhi' mane pan ksobha
tathapi tomara gune upajaya lobha

"We are very depressed at being unfit candidates for Your mercy. Yet since we have heard of Your transcendental qualities, we are very much attracted to You.

vamana yaiche canda dharite cahe kare
taiche ei vancha mora uthaye antare

"Indeed, we are like a dwarf who wants to capture the moon. Although we are completely unfit, a desire to receive Your mercy is awakening within our minds.

bhavantam evanucaran nirantarah
kadaham aikantika-nitya-kinkarah
praharsayisyami sanatha-jivitam

" 'By serving You constantly, one is freed from all material desires and is completely pacified. When shall I engage as Your permanent eternal servant and always feel joyful to have such a fitting master?' "


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