Not A Single Human Being

    Posted on October 1, 2017

Prabhupada: Now, if you analyze the present human society, you will find there is not a single human being. All animals. All animals. Not a single human being. People do not know what is the aim of life. That is the difficulty.

Visnujana: Yes. From childhood they are taught sense gratification.

Prabhupada: That's all. They do not know that for sense gratification, enough facility is there in the animal kingdom. So if you want to give facility for sense gratification, does it mean that you want to become more than or less than animal? Not more than.

Visnujana: They want dog's life. They think dog's life is good life. They have to work hard and the dog stays at home all day and enjoys in their nice big house. So they think, "I would be better to be the dog."

Prabhupada: So they have become. But when he becomes street dog? That means he has to depend on good master. Big apartment for dog means he belongs to the master. So he has to find out a good master. But if he fails to find out a good master, then he's street dog.

Morning Walk — December 31, 1973, Los Angeles


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