Nice story about Sanatana Gosvami

    Posted on July 9, 2017

There is a nice story about Sanatana Gosvami, of whom we are now studying. Sanatana Gosvami and Rupa Gosvami, two brothers, they went to Vrndavana for devotional service. So their all business was... Rupa Gosvami, especially, he was always engaged in writing books. And when he was hungry, he went to some householder: "Give me a piece of bread." And everyone at Vrndavana... They were leaders. All the Vrndavana inhabitants, they took... Even their household quarrels, they used to represent, "Swamiji, this is our position. Please settle up." So whatever decision he would give to the villagers, they will accept. Their court was Swamiji, Rupa Gosvami. So he was so lovable.

So one day Rupa Gosvami was thinking that "If I could get some, I mean to say, commodities for cooking, then I would have invited Sanatana Gosvami to take some prasadam." He thought like that. And, and after, say, one hour, one young girl came with sufficient quantity of rice, flour, ghee, and vegetables, so many things: "Babaji..." They were called... They call in the India, especially in Vrndavana quarters, they call all these transcendentalist swamis "Babaji."

"Babaji, please accept these commodities. There is some ceremony at our house. So My mother has sent you all these things."

"Oh, very good." He was thinking that "If I could get some commodity and I could prepare something and invite Sanatana Gosvami." So the things were there. So Rupa Gosvami inquired, "Where do You live? Oh, You are very nice girl. Where do You live?"

"Oh, I live in this village. You do not know?"

"No, I have never seen You. All right. Thank You very much." Then She went away. And invited Sanatana Gosvami, "My dear brother, please come and take your prasadam here. I have got some food."

"All right." So Sanatana Gosvami came during prasadam time, and Rupa Gosvami has prepared so many nice dishes. They were also expert in cooking, expert. You know, all devotees, they are expert. That is his qualification.

So then Sanatana Gosvami was inquiring, "Where did you get all these things, so nice things, you have prepared in this jungle? How did you get?"

So he narrated the story, "Yes, in the morning I thought that 'If somebody sends me something...' So by Krsna's grace, somebody, a nice girl, a very beautiful girl, and She brought all these things."


He began to state about the girl's beauty.

Then Sanatana Gosvami said, "Oh, I have never seen such beautiful girl. How...?"

"Yes, I have also never seen."

"Ohhh. Then She must be Radharani. She must be Radha. You have taken service from Radharani? Ohhh. You have murdered me. We don't want to take any service from Krsna, and He has taken the opportunity, sent us... We want to simply give our service, not any exchange. Oh, you have done a great mistake. Radharani has taken this opportunity." So he began to cry that "We have taken service from Krsna. We have given Her trouble." This is pure devotee. They were very sorry that "Krsna was troubled to send me all these goods."

From Srila Prabhupada's lecture on Sri Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya-lila 20.118-119 — November 23, 1966, New York


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