Ksatriyas should punish bogus brahmanas

    Posted on October 15, 2013

...if one is claiming that he is a brahmana, it is the government's duty to see whether he's strictly following the brahmana principles: samo damas titiksa, arjavam, whether he is strictly following how to become self-controlled, how to remain always pure, clean, suci. Brahmanas' another name is suci, always cleansed. Similarly arjavam, simplicity. Brahmana's life should be very simple. They should not imitate the ksatriyas and the vaisyas and the sudras....

Ksatriya must be always prepared, and if required, to fight also, whether people are keeping their own principle of religion. That is ksatriya's duty. He, if [a] brahmana is bluffing people, that "I am brahmana," but he is acting as a sudra, immediately ksatriya should point out and offer him fight, "Why you are cheating people? Why you are cheating people?" Similarly, a ksatriya is declaring himself that "I am ksatriya," but he's acting as a sudra, it is the ksatriya's or the government's duty, that, "Why you are cheating people?"

So a ksatriya's business is always prepared to fight. Fight means that to see that everyone is acting nicely. Because if you are not acting nicely, and if I say that "You are not acting nicely," you'll be angry. Upadeso hi murkhanam prakopaya na santaye. Because if one is actually brahmana, he must act as a brahmana. So if somebody says that "You are declaring yourself as brahmana but you are not following the brahmana principle," he will be angry. But a ksatriya's duty is that if he is angry, he should be punished immediately.

Ref. VedaBase => Bhagavad-gita 2.31 -- London, September 1, 1973


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