Krsna conscious people keep cows, not other animals

    Posted on October 13, 2016

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Krsna personally teaches how to deal with cows. He never showed the example of killing the cows. He maintained the cows, the calf. He was distributing butter even to the monkeys. And the pasturing ground became muddy on account of milk dropping from the bags. This is Krsna. And He is personally taking care. So why the Krsna's devotees should not do it? Give protection to the cows and utilize the milk. That is one of the item of Krsna consciousness. We are not keeping hogs and dogs; we are keeping cows, because we are Krsna conscious. Krsna did not keep so many dogs, as nowadays so many big, big men, they are keeping dogs. Krsna did not do so. If we follow Krsna's instruction, then we are perfect. Practical example. We have not invent. If we simply follow what Krsna has instructed us, then we become perfect.

Srila Prabhupada — June 27, 1976, New Vrindavan


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