Industry, technology useless, but can continue

    Posted on March 19, 2017

Hrdayananda: [translating] If there could be a Krsna conscious society, would this mean to stop the industry and technology?

Prabhupada: Industry, technology you can continue, but practically it has no use. [break] Just like there is the bench, you can sit down on the ground, and to sit down little comfortably you manufacture the bench. So for sitting down, you can utilize the ground, but you are unnecessarily wasting your time and manufacturing. This is industry. Philosophy is that we have to save time for becoming fully Krsna conscious. That is our necessity. And if we divert our energy for sitting down comfortably, then time is wasted.

There is natural mattress, and there is a natural pillow, so why should you manufacture pillow and mattress? This is Sukadeva Gosvami. And there is natural food, fruits. And if you want still nice home, go to the cave. It is already made. Why should you waste your time? This is the Bhagavata philosophy. But they are wasting time simply how to live in nice apartment, how to make a nice mattress, pillow.

So the whole philosophy is: save your time and make your life perfect within this short duration of life which you have obtained in this human form of life. Durlabham manusam janma [SB 7.6.1]. It is very rarely you have got. Utilize it. And if you don't utilize, if you waste your time in these bodily comforts and next life you become a cat and dog, then what is the benefit? They do not understand this.

February 21, 1975, Caracas


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