Gauranga doesn't want to be known as God, why do we worship as God?

    Posted on March 23, 2016

Русский перевод

Acyutananda: ...stuff His ears up when anyone would refer to Him as God. He wants to be known as a devotee. But we worship Him as God, in the same line as Radha-Krsna. So how do we understand that Lord Caitanya doesn't want to be praised as God, but we worship Him as such?

Prabhupada: That is a warning to the future fools and rascals that even God does not like to be addressed as God, but we address Him as God on the strength of sastra. Krsna-varnam tvisa krsnam sango-pangastra..., yajnaih sankirtanaih [SB 11.5.32]. Here is the incarnation of God. That is... Sastra says. So out of His humbleness, He may say like that, but we should know by following the acaryas, by sastra. Sadhu-sastra-guru vakya. Guru accepts Him God; sastra accepts Him God; sadhu accepts Him God.

Acyutananda: The people say that just like Ramakrishna, the disciples presented him as God, but he never said he was God.

Prabhupada: But then where is the sastra?

(March 31, 1975, Mayapur)


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