Should Women Put Thirteen Tilakas?

ASK BVKS | August 29, 2011 |



Like my previous mail regarding entering temple during period, this also I have heard from wife. And she says as others are putting 13 tilakas, so she is.

In any of Krishna lila or Chaitanya lila pictures, it is visible on forehead of any female character like Yashoda mataji or gopis, but it is not visible on their necks or hands.

Also up till before last 2-3 years, I did not see or hear matajis putting all tilakas. But now since 2-3 years, I hear from my wife.

Is it that traditionally all devotee matajis were putting 13 tilakas? What is Srila Prabhupad's and Guru Maharaj's instruction in this regard? In 'Beginner's Guide to Krishna Consciousness' it is not mentioned whether matajis should also put all 13 tilakas.

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