Is Love of Godhead Guaranteed?

ASK BVKS | January 18, 2014 |

English; Salem, Tamil Nadu, India


I wanted to inform you of my current position as well as a bit of my past. Prior to moving to San Deigo I was a resident of Krsna House in Gainsvile Florida, in which I studied there for a year. Durning that time I spent most of it being guided by Caitanya davi dasi and Vallahba. I owe all of my advancement and whole being to these two devotees. Who took the time to fix me up directly onto the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.

As of now I have moved up to Berkley helping Maha Tattva with his preaching program and making my best endeavour to become a strong Brahmacari. I have been learning sloka’s, instruments, etiquette and other things favourable to my advancement in Krsna consciousness. I have also been going out on books six days a week and I will be leaving soon to go on one month trip to distribute books with some Bramacari’s in San Diego. The move up here so far has proven to be very good and the future looks very promising. I have only a few questions in the matter of discharging pure devotional service. I was wondering what way can I guarantee pure love of God and if there are certain things that I should do or habits I should adopt which will help.

I am not the most renounced nor am I the strongest preacher, but I solely desire to perfect this life in one lifetime and am willing to make an endeavour in that direction to the best of my ability by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and the devotees. I was also wondering if you needed me to carry out a particular service in this lifetime and what pleases you the most.

Please help me to perfect this life because my mind is the worst enemy that I have. I don’t know anything nor do I have the power to do anything. I rely on the devotees and guidance from senior Vaisnavas.

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